Improving clinic efficiency and patient experience at Manchester Fertility

By Luke - Clinic Partnerships on 11th June, 2021

Get to know more about some of the clinics already using Salve, and hear first-hand what they think of us and our app.

Meet the clinic

Manchester Fertility is a forward-thinking and progressive fertility clinic with a great reputation among patients and peers. Thanks to their patient-centric focus, they’ve seen increasing growth year on year, so were looking for a third-party provider to help keep delivering their excellent patient experience while scaling the business. 

Their challenges

Salve spent time with all of Manchester Fertility’s teams to get to grips with the key challenges they were facing. The main ones were: 

  • Spending hours a day on the phone 

  • Emails having to be manually copied and pasted into the EMR (Electronic Medical Record), MedITEX, and attachments manually encrypted before sending

  • Difficulties with tracking when patients are taking medications, specifically trigger shot

  • Patient non-compliance – no-shows, forgetting to take medication and to arrange alternative transport home from the clinic after a procedure etc. 

  • As patient volumes have grown, too many critical actions or patient guidance are reliant on manual processes which increase the chances for human error

Going ahead with Salve

To make the most of the benefits we offer to both patients and staff, Manchester Fertility picked the fully integrated version of Salve. By integrating directly with their EMR, MedITEX, the team could enjoy a whole load of time-saving benefits through automation, knowing their patients would get a more responsive service, too. Other features included automatic appointment and medication reminders, secure messaging, automated guidance delivery, secure document upload and more. 

Integration and implementation

Depending on the clinic’s EMR, there’s a handful of different ways we can integrate Salve –including our proprietary integration engine, Salve Synchronize. In the case of Manchester Fertility, MedITEX already had a set of APIs we could integrate seamlessly with. 

For implementation, we worked alongside a set of individual team champions at the clinic to help structure the data in the EMR and make sure the information went into the app in a patient-friendly format. We also helped the teams to prepare extra guidance that would be automatically sent to patients when an appointment or medication was added to the EMR. 

We loved how motivated the teams were to put in the time and effort early on – they could see the benefits of setting things up once, then rarely having to worry about it again. The simple but powerful automation using the integration with their EMR (MedITEX) means the patient always has the correct information whenever and wherever they need it. This includes real-time medication dosages and appointment changes which help to improve patient compliance and reduce the number of questions asked by patients.  

Baseline metric gathering

At this point, it was important to gather baseline KPIs to make sure the platform could be analysed and measured to prove the ROI. At the time, Manchester Fertility had manual phone systems, so this meant us coming in with clipboards to physically measure the number of phone calls/emails etc and documenting the nature of each one. 

Setup, training, testing and re-training

We made the most of the time we spent at the clinic to get the newly integrated and populated Manchester Fertility dashboard up and running and begin training the team. Once we had a good understanding of the pathway, we could set up the first couple of automated rules using our intelligent delivery engine, SIDE, with additional rules to be gradually rolled out.

The teams also got access to the patient app to begin testing across the two platforms, as well as their EMR. This involved adding medications and appointments in MedITEX, sending messages and documents via the clinic dashboard to try to emulate real-life situations. 

These tests helped us spot the team members that needed a little extra training, which we made plenty of time for – leaving everyone feeling confident and understanding the benefits of the switch to using Salve.

As the Manchester Fertility teams have developed, changed and expanded over time, we’ve been able to support them through top-up training sessions. These helped all the teams stay on board with the value of Salve and continue to make the most of all of its productivity features.

Going live with Salve

When Manchester Fertility felt ready and happy to go live, we rolled out to a small number of patients before expanding to everyone else. Within the space of a single cycle, MF had 100% of patients onboarded through Salve and benefiting from its features. 

How we’ve made a difference

When trying to understand the value that Salve has offered Manchester Fertility, it was important to start by measuring this against the challenges the clinic originally shared.

We’ve set out the four features that Salve has put in place to directly overcome these challenges:

Three years on

We’re now coming into our third year with Manchester Fertility, and due to the pandemic, the last 12 months have been difficult. With Fertility clinics around the world shut for a while, followed by periods of uncertainty, most clinics were scrambling to find ways to monitor and support their patients from afar. But this wasn’t the case for MF who had nothing to fear as we were able to double down on the level of automation and further embed our communication features into their workflows. 

It was at this point that MF found themselves overwhelmed with the volume of messages coming through Salve. Like all of our customers, MF has a say in the future roadmap of Salve features and so they requested something to provide additional guidance on communication etiquette within the app. 

We have recently finished 2 new messaging features, these are: 

  1. Optional out of hours messaging pause with an automated response

  2. At the start of any new conversation to the clinic, patients expectations are set with an automated message that notifies them when to expect a response 

We are also just finishing the build of another feature specifically requested by an MF nurse – our new customisable forms feature. It allows clinics to create all kinds of forms for patients to complete in the app, with a simple form builder within the clinic dashboard. 

Manchester Fertility wanted to capture medical histories, but, handily, the feature could also be used to capture intake forms, questionnaires or even recording pregnancy outcomes. For some EMRs (including MedITEX), we can then populate the EMR’s data fields with the relevant information to save huge amounts of time at the clinic. 

The feature is just about to launch and will be available to all customers as part of our continued effort to stay at the forefront of patient experience within fertility. 

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